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Our new business directors have arranged over £3.1 billion of secured finance, for more than 250,000 separate businesses, within the past 30 years.

Funding for any HMRC bills

Unexpected tax bill? NCF can help. We offer finance for VAT and HMRC bills.

NCF can give you a decision on any application within 3 hours and then fully pay out a deal in less than 48 hours (if required). This leaves you to get on with your business without any delays.

It’s happened to even the most organised and stable businesses – the annual tax return is submitted and the resulting tax bill is higher than expected. This can happen for a variety of reasons, particularly if your trading circumstances have changed within the year, if there are ‘extraordinary’ accounting items which have inflated your tax bill well beyond its usual levels or if you are dealing with charges still outstanding from a previous accounting term.

The pressure of a larger than expected tax bill can be severe and easily take your focus away from the most important thing – your business. If you fail to pay on time there will be heavy penalties to pay, which can escalate over time.

This is why, for many businesses and farmers, tax bill facility finance can be a good option to quickly deal with the bill and avoid late-payment fines. You will then be able to repay the tax bill facility in stages, to match your business’s income cycle. It removes the stress of trying to find money at short notice to cover a tax bill and leaves working capital intact as a valuable business buffer.

Accessing the right tax bill finance

Many traditional banks have shut up shop to new borrowers and the high-street banking system is very constrained. This means that businesses and farmers are increasingly looking towards specialist finance providers that are agile enough to respond to their unique needs and able and willing to lend.

We are one of the UK’s biggest providers of specialist farm finance and our funding packages have a number of attractive features. Firstly and perhaps most importantly, we offer finance to an incredible 95% of applicants. We also offer flexible repayments and part finance to 100% financing, as well as asset refinancing.

Our finance decisions take just three hours and our friendly team is just a call away. Remember too that your finance payments are tax-deductible.

We offer you finance to settle any unexpected VAT or tax bills quickly, with low monthly payments and simple paperwork you get on with running your business.

We also offer facilities for payment of any VAT and HMRC bills you may have. We can raise money for you against any equipment you already own.

Money is tied up in your equipment, so we will untie it and give it back to you through our refinance scheme. The big advantage of our refinance scheme is that the monthly payments are 100% tax deductible.

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Open 7 days a week