Guarantors for your business finance application

21st July 2022

Business Finance, supported with a legal charge over a guarantors property.

A guarantor who offers a legal charge over their property is a potential means of securing business finance when your company is unable to provide security itself or is suffering financial circumstances that may discourage funders.

When someone agrees to act as a secured guarantor for your company , they commit to covering the repayments and liabilities to the funder if your company fails to keep up those payments or honour it’s obligations to the funder.

Sometimes acting as guarantor is a way for parents (or grandparents) to help their children start a business or buy an existing business.

If we fund a business in this way we will expect any guarantor to be a director and/or shareholder or that they will become a director or shareholder in the business to prove that they are connected and have an interest in the business.

Being a secured guarantor means signing a personal guarantee and also a legal charge on their property securing the liabilities of the company to the funder. The guarantor should take his/her own independent legal advice before agreeing to be a guarantor and before singing a legal charge on their property to ensure that they understand the risks involved should the company not pay and as their home may be repossessed if the company defaults and demand is made for payment under the guarantee.

One of the great benefits of a guarantor for young adults is that it lets the people you’re close to help you start in business or expand your business without having to lend you money themselves. That means that instead of dipping into their rainy-day fund or selling something important to them to help you out, your loved ones can agree to become a guarantor and help you borrow the money you need.

When might a business need to provide a secured guarantee from someone else?

Who might be acceptable to a funder as a secured guarantor?

A guarantor generally needs the following:

What happens if my company misses a payment?

Missing a payment is never ideal, but with a secured guarantor it’s particularly important to be aware of what might happen if the payments aren’t met.

If your company falls behind on its finance payments, there are several things that could happen:

If you continue to miss your payments and the finance agreement is terminated, further actions could include:

Tips for getting a secured guarantor

At Nationwide Corporate Finance we are excited and are fully supportive of your funding project and will do our very best to help you and approve your funding needs very quickly. However, with all this excitement please do not feel pressured to enter in to an agreement too quickly, take your time and proceed when you are ready especially as you and your friends or relatives will be asked to sign as guarantors and secure the finance against their personal properties so they will ultimately will be liable and those properties may have to be repossessed and sold if your business fails.

No matter the size of your business, we provide business finance to aid your growth.

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