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Our specialist team helps thousands of businesses every week.

Cash Flow is Always the Priority

Most cash flow issues are hard to predict, and for that reason we have done everything we can to speed up the process for you. We provide funding fast, with underwriting approval often within a couple of hours, and then payout within a few days or sometimes within 24 hours.

That said, we want to prevent unexpected problems, so give us as much time as you can. If you are not sure, then start early and have the facility approved as early as possible, just in case.

How does it Work?

We want to lend to your business. Taking into account the likely success of your individual operation, the people behind it and their experience, as well as the current asset value, we want to approve your funding.

This is what makes Nationwide Corporate Finance so unusual. All proposals are considered by people and not machines.  Every situation and proposal is different and therefore needs our specialist team.

We will not be able to offer finance if you are located in Scotland, Northern or Republic of Ireland.

We offer both unsecured and secured funding, dependent on credit guarantors may be required.

Stop searching.  We will help you.

We understand the unexpected challenges that businesses frequently have. Our huge experience means that no matter how unusual your requirements are, we already understand how to help.

We offer both unsecured and secured funding, dependent on credit guarantors may be required.

What we require to make a decision?

  • Names, Dates of Birth and Home Addresses for all the business owners
  • Details of what you plan to do and where
  • A chat about your experience and what your business will do
Please speak to an account manager today or apply online. – We are open 7 days a week.

Finance Agreements

Unlike a business loan, our finance agreements do NOT have out-of-date credit questions that waste your time.

We offer fast business finance on tax efficient asset finance and refinance agreements.  Your application will have a decision within 2 hours and we will try everything to approve your funding. Our fast and modern thinking approach guarantees you will have your funds within 24 hours.

You have the flexibility to settle the finance agreements early and there are no additional penalties for doing so, you will pay exactly the same amount if you settle the agreement early or if you let the agreement run its full term.  The settlement calculation is simply, all the contractual payments that would have fallen due on the agreement are added together along with any notice period with no discount and this will form the settlement figure.  We suggest to clients that are considering to settle agreements early to use your surplus funds within the business or put into an investment / high interest accounts, settling the finance agreement early has no saving and no benefit due to the settlement procedure that follows a strict funding covenant

You will be required to give personal and/or corporate guarantee(s) to support the finance Agreement with your company and you maybe asked to provide a guarantor to guarantee your businesses liabilities, in addition, dependent on agreement and amount borrowed and the credit status the lender will require a unilateral notice or Legal Charge over your residential property and/or business property and/or any guarantor’s residence property. A fixed and floating charge over the assets of your company or any corporate guarantor (a “debenture”) will also be required.

What's the next step?

Call our finance team on 01234 240155 and speak to one of our dedicated account managers.

Open 7 days a week
Open 7 days a week